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Welcome to the most complete, concise and informative Baldness Breakthroughs website resource on the Internet today. It is estimated that approximately 60 % of men will experience significant hairloss by the time they reach age 50, and even more surprising is that 50 % of all women will experience significant hairloss by age 60.

Although hairloss appears to be a losing battle for those afflicted by it, there are treatments that can retard the loss of hair, and there are continuous medical breakthroughs and findings that lead us to believe that at some point not too distant in the future, there will be a universal cure for baldness.

This scientific-based website deals with root causes of hairloss, amazing current scientific research that is looking to eradicate baldness, discussions of several treatments that can be used to retard or even reverse baldness, provides a detailed medical analysis for baldness, enumerates on various research organizations and entities that deal with baldness research and solutions to this problem, and several legitimate vendors that provide alternatives to baldness.

Please bookmark this site, and return as often as you wish. We hope that this site will become your definitive Baldness resource on the Internet.

Terms of Service

This website presents information that is related to the topic of baldness and which is in the public domain. We strongly advise that all individuals seeking treatment for baldness or baldness-related problems, undergo a complete medical evaluation for such problems, by a board-certified dermatologist, before initiating any treatments for these conditions (that may be offered on this website). Use of any information posted or alernate website information, that are described or linked at this site, is at the user's own risk. Seek proper medical advice first, before following any of the advice provided on this website.

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